2013/2014 Academic Session

Application For Bed-spaces In The University Hostels

Greatest FUNAABites

Undergraduate Students who are interested in seeking accommodation in the University Hostels can apply and bid for bed-spaces in any of the following categories of Hostels:

  • Iyalode Tinubu (Female Hostel) - Old block: N18,090.00
  • Iyalode Tinubu (Female Hostel) - New block: N25,090.00
  • Umar Kabir Hall (Male Hostel) - Old Block : N18,090.00
  • Umar Kabir Hall (Male Hostel) - New Block : N25,090.00
  • Newly Completed (Female Hostel) : N30,090:00

Application is open from Saturday, 4th January, 2014.

In view of the limited hostel spaces, the following criteria will be used on the basis of first-come-first-served in the allocation of bed-spaces to Students.

  1. Physically-Challenged Students (as recommended by the Director, Health Services)
  2. Foreign Students
  3. Final Year Students
  4. 200L-500L Students (Non-Final Year)
  5. Biological Children of Staff
  6. Outstanding Sportsmen and Women (on the recommendation of the Director of Sports)
  7. Fresh students
  8. Student Union / Hall Executive
  9. Student with CGPA of 4.5 and above

Thank you.