2014/2015 Academic Session

Application For Bed-spaces In The University Hostels

Greatest FUNAABites

Post-Graduate and Undergraduate Students who are interested in seeking accommodation in the University Hostels can apply and bid for bed-spaces in any of the following categories of Hostels:

  • Iyalode Tinubu (Female Hostel) - Old block: N18,090.00
  • Iyalode Tinubu (Female Hostel) - New block: N25,090.00
  • Umar Kabir Hall (Male Hostel) - Old Block : N18,090.00
  • Umar Kabir Hall (Male Hostel) - New Block : N25,090.00
  • Newly Completed (Female Hostel) : N30,090:00
  • PG Female Hall - Iyalode Tinubu Hostel: N35,090.00
  • PG Male Hall - Umar Kabir Hostel: N35,090.00

Application by Fresh Undergraduate Students opens on Monday, 1st December, 2014 (Application by Returning Students will be announced later). Consideration shall be given only to applicants who have paid school fees for the session.

Application by Post-Graduate Students will be announced later.

Allocation of bed-spaces is strictly on first-come, first-serve basis with the following status taken into consideration.

  1. Physically-Challenged Students (as recommended by the Director, Health Services)
  2. Foreign Students
  3. Final Year Students
  4. 200L-500L Students (Non-Final Year)
  5. Biological Children of Staff
  6. Outstanding Sportsmen and Women (on the recommendation of the Director of Sports)
  7. Fresh students
  8. Student Union / Hall Executive
  9. Student with CGPA of 4.5 and above

Thank you.